If your precision measuring equipment measures linear, pressure, torque, or force there is a good chance that we can repair it.

It is our policy to recommend replacement of tools where the repair quote will exceed 50% of the new tool cost. All orders are subject to a $20.00 evaluation fee. Evaluation fees are waived with acceptance of repair quoted and/or new tool purchase.
Please fill out the repair form package list and include any special instructions for your item repair.
Precision Measuring Instruments
Hand Tools
We can also service and repair your Pneumatic / Air tools
•Dial Indicators
•Bore Gages
•Force Gages
•Test Indicators
•Pressure Gages
•Air Gages
•Depth Gages
•Height Gages
•Weighing Scales
•Optical Comparators
•Hardness Testers
•Surface Roughness Gages
•Temperature Chart Recorders
•Coating Thickness Gages
•Lamina Checkers
•Torque Wrenches
•Torque Testers
•Torque Multipliers
•Torque Watches
•Gripping Fixtures
• We offer lapping service for your micrometers.